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Taking the initiative to begin individual therapy is a sign of strength. Recognizing the need and desire to improve your overall health and functioning is the beginning step to the process of individual therapy.  Many people seek therapy due to a recent stressor or an ongoing problem that feels complicated to solve.  My approach is non-judgmental, relaxed and client centered.  Although beginning therapy can often cause some anxiety, most discover relief, strength and empowerment to move towards personal growth and wellness.  


Childhood and adolescence is an ever changing time of development and emotions.  Often behavioral, social, emotional, and/or academic challenges can disrupt family harmony, creating struggles in which families may seek help.  Children and adolescents can often benefit from therapy as a safe place to express their feelings.  My approach in working with children and adolescents is family systems oriented.  In working with younger clients, non verbal approaches to therapy including use of expressive arts therapy and play can be beneficial in establishing therapeutic relationships.  Often collaboration with parents and other support sytems and caregivers in a child's life will be helpful in the treatment of a minor client.  Therapy is often most beneficial to establish open communication within a family system. 


Couples often seek therapy when communication and connectivity becomes challenging.  Therapy can benefit couples by maintaining a confidential, neutral and non judgmental environment to navigate through past and present issues.  My approach in couples therapy is client centered as each relationship is unique with different experiences.  I welcome couples of all cultures, sexual orientations and ages.  


Group therapy can be very beneficial to achieving a sense of togetherness with other's who may be experiencing similar difficulties.  At this time, group therapy is not being offered due to limited availability.  Updates will be posted if group therapy becomes available.


As a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, I have the experience and knowledge to provide hands on parenting advice to achieve greater family harmony and connectivity in families.  Positive discipline utilizes non punitive techniques to increase communication, responsivness and respect within family systems.


Family therapy is often sought when communication amongst family members is conflicted or remote.  In the process of family therapy, each member in the family can feel safe to express their feelings openly without judgement or interruption.  The process of family therapy often works in building better strength and unity amongst family systems.  In addition, family therapy can be beneficial in assisting and supporting an individual family member who may be experiencing their own mental health struggles. By building a supportive home environment, an individuals treatment progress may be vastly improved. 

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