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Frequently Asked Questions.......

How do I get started?

An initial phone consultation will allow us to discuss your therapeutic needs. I can then give you an honest assessment about whether I can be of assistance to you. Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes for the initial phone consultation.

What can I expect from the first visit?

Following the initial phone consultation, we will meet to discuss your goals. The first visit can cause anxiety for some people. Bringing in a list of your concerns or questions can help keep you focused. We will discuss your symptoms, current stressors and what you hope to achieve from therapy. We will then create a treatment plan to address your goals.

How long will I need treatment?

Every situation is unique. The amount of time required to address individual issues varies. Some stressors can be resolved within several sessions while others may take longer to process. We will continually monitor your progress to ensure goals are being met.​

What population do you work with?

I am a licensed psychotherapist for individuals, children/adolescents, families and couples. I have specialized training in working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, severely emotionally disturbed children and families in crisis; although, I welcome all clients to my practice who are experiencing mental health symptoms.

What are your fees?

I have a standard fee of $140 for a 50-minute therapy session. I am currently accepting cash, check or credit cards as forms of payment.  In-network insurance as well as out of network insurance plans are also accepted. Your insurance must be verified prior to your initial appointment.  In addition, in some situations I may offer a reduced fee. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss payment forms and options.


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